Sneak Preview RIGARDS x Boris Bidjan Saberi: RG1011BBS

The results of this collaboration are aviator-style glasses, all-titanium, ultralight, universally-fitting, with versatile convertibility from optical to sun.

RIGARDS x Boris Bidjan Saberi: RG1011BBS will be available for dealers to purchase from June 2023!

In a first-ever, artisanal eyewear specialist RIGARDS and acclaimed Barcelona-based German-Persian
designer Boris Bidjan Saberi have teamed up for a collaboration.
The goal of creating an exacting aviator style — all-titanium, ultralight, universally-fitting, with versatile
convertibility from optical to sun — laid the foundations for a work that would give form to the shared
creed of “efficiency equals beauty”.
The aviator silhouette is revisited with a characterful yet flattering circular design, the frame corners
nicely anchored by multidimensional crescent half-moon shapes. Special focus is placed on fit, such
that the proportions are optimized for a greater range of face and head shapes.
A major component are the smoothly detachable side-shields which, while physically providing shade
against harsh light in the peripherals, metaphorically protects and fortifies the wearer like medieval
armor. Carved in the form of a Gothic trefoil arch, the shields present a highly distinctive profile when
viewed from any angel. The shields also feature fascinating debossed grooves, traced with two slender
cutouts in an understated nod to Saberi’s symbolic affinity for the number eleven. The unique blend of
details subtly recalls ancient insect exoskeletons preserved in fossils, while simultaneously exuding a
futuristic cyber-organic feel.
Beyond the artistry, emphasis on expertise is the essence of the shields’ genuine functionality. Every
aspect — the attachability/removability, material elasticity, stability — was fastidiously worked on to
ensure technical soundness.
The side shields can even be reattached to a necklace chain (offered separately), doubling as pendants
for added styling versatility.
As a final flourish, RIGARDS’s trademark ‘Time Machine’ hand-finishing is gently applied to both the
frame and shields, creating a bespoke weathered patina as though seasoned by the passage of time.
RIGARDS x Boris Bidjan Saberi RG1011BBS is available in 5 elegant colors. Every pair comes with two sets
of lenses (allowing one to switch between Dark Gray and Light Gradient Gray to suit the occasion), and
a glasses case made from vegetable-tanned Santa Croce leather.




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