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Black Front Zip Contrast Stitch Hooded Parka

Black Front Zip Contrast Stitch Hooded Parka

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100% Cotton Fleece

This cotton-lined fabric is knitted with non-twisted yarn and softly finished, produced in Ehime where Imabari towels are produced. ・The yarn is in a stress-free state, so it is knitted with an extremely soft texture. ・The use of non-twisted yarns makes the weight much lighter than normal twisted yarns. ・The large, high hood that covers more than half of the face is filled with padding so that it can keep its shape even when the hood is not worn. ・ The cuffs have thumbholes. Zippers are made of Excella. ・ The zipper on the waist pocket can be opened from the top and bottom, and when the hem is opened, it becomes a slit and the overall silhouette can be adjusted.


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Made in Japan

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