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Black Untwisted Fleece-Lined Zip-up High-Neck Jacket

Black Untwisted Fleece-Lined Zip-up High-Neck Jacket

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Made in Ehime, where Imabari Towel is produced, this cotton fleece-lined fabric is woven with untwisted yarn, raised and softened. Since the thread is in a stress-free condition, it is knitted with a very soft texture. By using untwisted yarn, the weight is much lighter than usual twisted yarn. - C/# DUST is dyed in India ink, and C/# BLACK is dyed in deep black by reaction dyeing. - The bias-zipped high neck has padding for a voluminous neck. The cuffs have thumbholes. EXCELLA is used for fasteners.

Size Conversion:

Size 1 = 46/S

Size 2 = 48/M

Size 3 = 50/L

Size 4 = 52/XL

Size 5 = 54/XXL


Fit model is 6'2" (188cm) 150lbs (68kg) is wearing size 2

Made in Japan

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