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Charcoal Cropped Pants High Twist Viscose

Charcoal Cropped Pants High Twist Viscose

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100% Viscose, 100% Cupro Lining

・About the fabric

This fabric is characterized by its beautiful drape, specific to viscose with high twist, and it was produced by Faliero Sarti, an Italian company.

It is dyed using a traditional Italian dyeing method called "tinto in capo" or low-temperature dyeing, which results in slight color variations within small areas of the fabric.

The low-temperature dyeing process involves slowly dyeing the fabric in cold water, intentionally creating uneven coloring due to the movement of dyes and fabric.

As a result, the fabric exhibits a unique and individual expression, with no two pieces being exactly the same.

・About the design and pattern

These cropped jogger pants are designed with several darts below the knees to create a crinkled and three-dimensional wrinkle effect.

The waist is designed with an elastic and drawstring for a comfortable and relaxed fit.

The silhouette is slightly roomier than slim pants

The pants combine a supple texture with the visual expression of color variations, resulting in a sporty design with a calm and versatile atmosphere.

PTI - SVLC Charcoal

Size Conversion

Size 2 = 48 (30-32)

Size 3 = 50 (32-34)

Size 4 = 52 (34-36)

Size 5 = 54 (36-38)

Made in Japan

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