Handmade Leather Eyeglass cases by Rebecca B.

Handmade Leather Eyeglass cases by Rebecca B.

About 3 years ago, my dear client and friend Rebecca B., a wonderful, fashionable, and generous person, made me an alligator eyeglass case with leather neck-strap!

Since I need reading glasses, I rely on having them with me at all times, wearing the glasses case around my neck helps me to not misplace them and they're also beautiful and stylish!

I've had many clients whom had ask where did I get my eyeglass case and I'd tell them that my friend Rebecca made it for me!

So, I finally asked Rebecca if she had time to make some for The Archive! She said, "I'd love to make some for your store! I truly enjoy making useful things that people love!"

She explained to me that the leather glasses cases are completely handmade; "So, for your clients, these are handmade - not handmade with machines.  I cut each of them individually and then saddle stitch them with French linen thread by hand.  Finishing is also done by hand.  I can but didn’t want to over finish them as my goal was to create something that is very Archive-esque.  The handsewn saddle stitching technique..."if you break a stitch, the item will not unravel.  Each stitch is essentially locked when the single piece of thread with a needle on each end passes by one another and is essentially twisted and ‘locked' in place".

Rebecca grew up and resides in Michigan. She sources some of her leather from various places, one of her sources is: https://www.pergamena.net/ 

Our Story and Philosophy: 

In an environment of mass production and consumption, Hände Leder is focused on foregoing modern conveniences of manufacturing.   

Products are individually cut by hand, employ traditional saddle stitching and are hand finished.  They are meant to embody an imperfect, rustic aesthetic sensibility that embraces the challenges of true craftsmanship.

Materials are sourced with sustainability and conservation in mind.  Natural leather is a by-product of the food industry; by utilizing real leather waste is reduced.  

Sustainable use lies at the center of conservation; sourced skins such as alligator and crocodile are traceable and verifiable through CITIES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).  

The goal is to create long lasting items that become part of you, that you use and enjoy daily.  We believe the fundamentals of good design is purpose and utility.  We believe this approach to creation further allows for considered development, iteration and space for experimentation. 

From left to right:

Black Vegetable Tanned Soft Horse Leather with Horse leather lining

Brown Vegetable Tanned Wild Alligator with Goat leather lining

Black Vegetable Tanned Wild Alligator with Horse leather lining

Black Vegetable Tanned Wild Sharkskin with Horse leather lining

Blue Vegetable Tanned Wild Crocodile with soft horse leather lining (last photo below)

*Each piece is handcrafted and exclusively made for The Archive by Rebecca B.




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