Collection: Parts of Four

Parts of Four was founded in 2012 by Evan Sugerman, an artist from Los Angeles, California. He studied fine arts at the University of California Santa Cruz, with an emphasis on multi-media installations rooted in mechanical movement and reactive sound environments. Evan relocated to Bali, Indonesia the home base for the design and production of Parts of Four, his philosophy is to merge industrial design, jewelry, and spatial artwork into a cohesive microcosm. His specialized jewelry line uses mixed metals, leather, and natural materials such as precious stones, wood, and bone. Each piece is handmade, hand carved, fused and treated to create a striking and unique design.

"The material is the substance. We believe in magic and the ability of material to hold history and power. The material draws the form. Or rather it is a dialogue, a spiritual dialogue born between our multiple histories. It is not a reflection on the world affairs but an investigation of inner-space, building and expanding upon it and ourselves, in layers and in juts, slowly and suddenly. Creating magical objects is our goal: hard-edged solid industrialized shamanic-tools."

Parts of Four jewelries are ungendered and non-seasonal.