Rorke Bader

The Archive, San Francisco is proud to introduce Rorke Bader to our collection of designer brands!

Rorke Bader is based in New York. Rorke Bader is built at the intersection of elegance, agency, mobility, sophistication, and function. With a strong emphasis on unique pattern cutting that is rooted in classic tailoring but augmented with modern technology and an insatiable curiosity for form, experimentation, and movement, Rorke Bader creates garments that are meant to serve and enable their wearer. Through long, clean lines, hidden closures, dramatic silhouettes, and unique pattern solutions, Rorke Bader creates pieces both versatile and reliable, ready for any wearer's daily wardrobe. With its debut collection, Particles in the Void, Rorke Bader seamlessly merges diverse elements into a unified whole. Each garment in the collection synthesizes a carefully curated selection of influences, reflecting a pragmatic yet innovative philosophy that transcends traditional fashion boundaries. Rorke Bader's inaugural collection is a practical embodiment of the brand's belief in the power of resonance, where every piece contributes to a greater, well-rounded whole for the modern, dynamic individual.

Originally from San Francisco, Tony Bader now calls New York City home. A self-taught patternmaker and designer, Tony originally studied Fine Art and has had a lifelong interest in technology and design. By day, Tony is the Head Patternmaker at Michael Andrews Bespoke, New York's premier bespoke tailor. Prior to his current position, Tony cut his teeth in the New York garment industry, working for a broad range of companies from small, independent designers to large multinational brands in positions ranging from design and development to patternmaking and production management. Renowned for his ability to blend traditional craftsmanship with innovative solutions, he takes pride in crafting garments that seamlessly merge the aesthetic and the functional, the traditional and the avant-garde. With an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of apparel, Tony brings an artistic touch and precision to every garment he creates. His expertise lies in finding fresh, practical solutions, ensuring that each creation is as distinctive as it is elegant.

Please make an appointment or stop by The Archive, San Francisco to preview in person our select sample items from Rorke Bader 

VOYAGER Scarf (boiled wool) worn over BEVEL Jacket (cow leather) with Tidal Trousers (wool twill) and VERGE Apron (Ventile cotton)

DISTRICT Jacket (cow leather) with HELIX Pant (stretch Japanese cotton twill, cropped length)


COMPOUND Overshirt (Ventile cotton) with HELIX Pant (stretch Japanese cotton twill, cropped length)

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