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Black Linen Japanese Paper 5-Button Jacket

Black Linen Japanese Paper 5-Button Jacket

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52% Linen + 48% Washi, Horn Buttons


・ About the fabric

The outer fabric is produced in Bishu, a wool weaving region in Japan, using a blend of linen and washi (Japanese paper) fibers.

The fabric undergoes a washer finish, resulting in a unique texture that showcases the characteristic delicacy, fine irregularities, and overall fullness of washi.

While retaining stiffness and firmness, the fabric is made soft and highly breathable.

・About the design and pattern

This jacket features a five-button design that can be worn as both a stand collar and a peaked lapel jacket.

It combines a classic and soft impression with three-dimensional patterns on the sleeves and other areas.

The reverse side of the facing is lined with a thin organza, and the interfacing showcases a pattern created by designer Nishida.

The buttons are horn buttons crafted from buffalo horn, and the lining is made of polyester lining in the sleeves only.

The same fabric can be found in the jacket, as well as in two types of pants, slim and baggy, allowing for versatile styling options such as three-piece suits or set-ups.

Size Conversion

Size 2 = S

Size 3 = M

Size 4 = L

Size 5 = XL

Made in Japan


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