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Black Water Repellent Polyester Relaxed Cropped Pants

Black Water Repellent Polyester Relaxed Cropped Pants

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100% Polyester, water repellent tech fabric, elastic + drawstring waistband, large back pockets


・About the material

A high-performance material series called "DEVOA EXIST" developed in Japan using a thread called TEXBRID. It is used to create two types of fabrics: 100% cotton and 100% polyester.

These fabrics are highly breathable and feature 4-way stretch in both vertical and horizontal directions, excellent moisture permeability to release internal humidity, water repellency, and abrasion resistance.

In particular, the cotton fabric utilizes advanced technology to provide high functionality despite being made of 100% natural fibers.

They are wrinkle-resistant, have strong recovery to prevent elbow and knee deformation, and have minimal pilling.

The fabrics are also lightweight, soft in texture, and can be water-washed at home.

・About the design and pattern

These anatomical slim pants are a DEVOA classic, featuring their unique pattern.

The front is made of polyester, while the back is made of cotton fabric.

The waist features a drawcord and the design of easy pants.

With a slightly deeper rise and a relaxed silhouette with subtle roominess, these pants maintain a sleek appearance while providing a comfortable and relaxed fit.

They are made with materials suitable for spring and summer, and the thin and lightweight construction allows for comfortable wear as the weather gets warmer.

Size Conversion

Size 2 = 46 (S)

Size 3 = 48 (M)

Size 4 = 50 (L)

Size 5 = 52 (XL)

Made in Japan

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